Mom thanks Ottawa paramedics for whirlwind roadside delivery

A mother is thanking Ottawa paramedics for helping her with a whirlwind roadside delivery in an ambulance that definitely wasn't part of her birth plan.

'I honestly would think that these guys worked in a hospital and delivered babies every day'

An Ottawa mother is thanking a team of paramedics, including a student in training, for calmly helping deliver her baby on the side of a road in an ambulance. 1:47

A mother thanks Ottawa paramedics for helping her deliver a baby at the side of the road in an ambulance, which surely wasn't part of her birth plan.

Casey Bradley's daughter Kendall was born inside this ambulance, and the family and crew couldn't resist taking a photo afterward. (Photo courtesy of the Bradley family)
"I honestly would think that these guys worked in a hospital and delivered babies every day," Casey Bradley told CBC News on Sunday. "They never got anxious or agitated about anything. It was completely calm."

On April 30, Bradley went into labour with her second child so quickly that she and her husband worried they wouldn't make it to the hospital in time.

They called 911 and were picked up from their Kanata home in an ambulance.

The team included paramedics Frédéric Pinsonneault and Andy Ramonal, superintendent Darrell Drew and a student in training, Nicolas Roy.

'We were just on the side of the road all just hanging out, taking it all in'

On Highway 417, about one kilometre away from the Queensway-Carleton Hospital, delivery was imminent.

Casey Bradley and her family wrote a thank-you letter to Ottawa paramedics after the successful roadside delivery of her baby girl on April 30. (CBC News)
The paramedics made the call to pull over and deliver the baby, so they exited the highway and pulled over onto the shoulder of Holly Acres road.

Things moved fast, and at 7:51 p.m., baby Kendall was born weighing a healthy seven pounds and 15 ounces.

It was the student in training who caught the baby girl.

"You think he'd been on the job for 20 years because he at no point showed any nervousness or signs that he wasn't sure of what he was doing," Bradley remembers. "He was just completely cool, calm and collected the whole time.

"It was amazing. The paramedics were phenomenal. ... There was kind of a few minutes where we were just on the side of the road all just hanging out, taking it all in. ... It was just a pretty cool moment for everybody involved," Bradley said.

'It was a great moment'

The paramedics agreed.

"It was a great moment. Mom and Dad were both anxiously awaiting to see the sex of the baby when they realized delivery was imminent, and lo and behold it was a baby girl. And they were elated. It was exactly what they were hoping for," superintendent Drew said.

"It's a bit unreal, actually. You witness the first breath of someone. It's great," paramedic Pinsonneault said.

"We do strive and do our best every day to help people the way we think they should be helped and cared for, but to have a patient go out of their way to thank us the way she did and the family did is quite rewarding," he said.


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