Melinda Karlsson writes heartfelt Instagram post on son's death

The wife of Ottawa Senators captain said she 'finally [feels] strong enough' to talk about the death of their son Axel, who was stillborn.

'Our child was loved not only by us but by so many others as well'

Erik Karlsson shared a photo of his son Axel's footprints on Instagram after he was stillborn last month. (@erikkarlsson65/Instagram)

Melinda Karlsson has posted on social media about how grateful she and her husband, Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson, were for the support they received after the death of their son.

"It's taken me a while to reflect and collect my thoughts, but I finally feel strong enough to share them," she wrote in the Friday Instagram post.

"I am grateful… that our child was loved not only by us but by so many others as well."

The Karlssons lost their child in March after he was stillborn. Erik Karlsson missed several games during the end of the season as the couple dealt with the loss.

"To the people that have reached out to say they have gone through the same thing, know that the countless tears I'm crying are for you angels as well," Melinda Karlsson wrote.

"I can't think of a pain worse than this… We are warrior parents. You are warrior parents."

'My deepest scar yet'

The message was attached to a photo of her and Erik embracing, their faces obscured by sunlight.

"To my angel Axel, your little face will forever be in my mind and what I see every time I close my eyes. It was the most perfect face, a reflection of the love we had for you," she wrote in her post.

"You had my nose, your daddy's eyes and even though it didn't work I like to think the fact you were sticking out your tongue was an attempt to make us laugh."

She also wrote that — despite the immeasurable sorrow — their baby was the best thing that had ever happened to her 

"Grief is the price we pay for caring, for loving. I experienced a love so strong that it made the incredibly impossible task of saying hello and goodbye in the same day worth it," she said.

"If you're lucky in this life you find a love that cuts deep and you my boy are my deepest scar yet."