Friends of Matthiew Klinck gather to remember murdered Gatineau filmmaker

About 30 people gathered to remember Gatineau filmmaker Matthiew Klinck with a small ceremony on the Ottawa River shoreline Saturday.

Klinck, 37, was found stabbed to death outside his home in Belize on Jan. 4

Friends of Matthiew Klinck gathered near the Ottawa River Saturday to pay tribute to the Gatineau filmmaker, who was found stabbed to death on Jan. 4 outside his home in Selena, Belize. (CBC Ottawa)

Friends of Matthiew Klinck gathered on the Ottawa River shoreline Saturday to remember the Gatineau filmmaker, six days after he was found stabbed to death outside his home in Central America.

"His mother, his dad, and his brother are in Belize — they're having the funeral this afternoon," said Howard Powels, Klinck's friend and neighbour.

"And we thought it would be appropriate to do a memorial thing by the river here [today], which he loved."

Klinck, 37, was found lying face-up outside his home in the Belizean village of Selena, in the west part of the country, on Jan. 4.

He had been stabbed 14 times in his upper body and his home "appeared ransacked," Belize police told CBC News.

Two days after Klinck's body was found, Belize police arrested 19-year-old Brandon Anderson. He was charged Friday morning with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Anderson, a Belize native, was a close friend of Klinck, police said.

A 16-year-old boy is facing the same charges. He knows Anderson but did not know Klinck, police said.

'Matthiew was up for anything'

About 30 people gathered Saturday afternoon on the river's shoreline to burn incense and pay tribute to Klinck, a producer, director, videographer and editor.

He directed the 2007 film Greg & Gentillon, about two small-time comedians, and the 2008 film Hank and Mike, an Easter movie about holiday mascots.

Matthiew Klinck, 37, was a producer, filmmaker, director and editor before his death. (Radio-Canada)

"It's definitely surreal. It's hard to explain. It's hard to believe," said Powels of his friend's sudden death.

"Matthiew was up for anything. That was one of his strong points. He was just up for any adventure — any crazy thing you could think of, he would be up for it."

Christiane Charest knew Klinck's mother Louise well, and said she'd spent the past few days trying to find out more about what happened to the son of her friend.

She hoped Saturday's ceremony would give her and those who knew Klinck some comfort.

"It's important to be here, to be present, to give love and energy and courage," Charest said.

"I pray that he's okay, somewhere, in the universe."