Matthew Pearson


Matthew Pearson is a journalist and associate producer at CBC Ottawa.

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Quebec's religious symbols law has supporters beyond province's borders: poll

There may be more support for Quebec’s controversial religious symbols law across the country than some Canadians would care to admit, according to Angus Reid Institute pollster Shachi Kurl, who says some residents of other provinces would welcome similar legislation where they live.

The path to government on Oct. 21 begins on East Coast

Vote-rich urban areas such as Toronto’s 416/905 region and British Columbia’s Lower Mainland tend to dominate campaign coverage, but there is a battle brewing on Canada’s East Coast.

Scheer doesn't belong at Ottawa Pride, LGBTQ author and journalist says

Although the Liberals have been calling on him publicly to end his "lifelong boycott of Pride events," a leading figure in Canada's LGBTQ community says Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has no business attending Pride festivities in Ottawa this weekend — unless he first offers an apology and an explanation of his past views on same-sex marriage.

Ottawa lawyer seeks redress for 'cruel' victim surcharge

An Ottawa lawyer wants the Ontario government to give back millions of dollars collected through court-ordered victim surcharges, which the Supreme Court of Canada last December described as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Gun violence, transit, affordable housing top of mind in Rideau-Rockcliffe

From affordable housing to improved transit to a renewed focus on community safety in Overbrook in the wake of gun violence, residents expect whoever wins on Monday to hit the ground running.