This little piggy's off to his forever home

Mango the lucky little pig on the mend and heading to his forever home, an animal sanctuary east of Ottawa.

Mango was found injured by the highway on Labour Day, but is now on the mend

Bacon saved: Vets called Mango, seen here about six weeks and 11 kilograms ago, a 'tough little dude' after he was found injured on Highway 417.

Mango the lucky little pig is on the mend and heading to his forever home, an animal sanctuary east of Ottawa.

The pig was found at the side of Highway 417 on Labour Day with a fractured leg and other scrapes, leading vets to believe he had either fallen out of a vehicle, been hit by a vehicle or both.

Mango, who vets believe is as young as three months, underwent surgery a few days a later.

Injured pig expected to make full recovery

3 years ago
Duration 1:26
Julia Wykes was driving down Highway 417 when she found a piglet, now named Mango, injured on the side of the road. Veterinarian Charles Bruce says Mango should recover well after surgery for a broken leg. (Sept. 7, 2019)

His bacon saved, the porker has more than doubled in weight, from about nine kilograms when he was found to about 22 now.

"He's a whole other animal," Tara da Costa, one of the veterinarians who has been helping take care of him, told Ottawa Morning host Hallie Cotnam on Wednesday, as Mango contentedly buried his snout in a mound of popcorn on the studio floor.

"He has healed wonderfully from his injuries," da Costa said. "You can't really see any evidence [of them]."

Mango has been dividing his time between da Costa's home, another vet's home and a vet clinic.

"It was chaos, to put it mildly. We love him, but he was a busy boy," she said. "He has destroyed our lawn. He loves to root [in the dirt]. He loves to play. He'll play with dog toys, he'll find treasures in the recycling bin, and he loves to eat — he's quite an active participant in our kitchen activities."

He's smart, too: da Costa said Mango was trained to go outside for bathroom breaks within about a week.

Mango moves Friday to the non-profit Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary east of Rockland, Ont., currently home to four other pigs and about 70 other rescued farm animals, where he's expected to grow to his adult weight of about 360 kilos.

With files from CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning


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