Man pulls solar-powered car to Ottawa

A Toronto man pulled his solar-powered vehicle from Toronto to Ottawa on his own two legs in an effort to inspire others to act in protecting the envirionment.

Solar-powered cars not allowed to be driven on Ontario roads

Solar car trek

9 years ago
Car pulled from Toronto to Ottawa to draw attention to why the province won't allow solar-powered cars on Ontario roads. 1:56

A Toronto man has pulled a 250-kg solar-powered car from his hometown to Parliament Hill in Ottawa in an attempt to inspire people to think more about the environment.

Marcelo da Luz, 44, walked more than 500 km dragging his vehicle using a body harness during a 28-day trek. He parked the car on Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill.

Da Luz has already set a record for travel across Canada and he has also travelled to the north in a solar-powered vehicle. (CBC)

He said he is trying to start a conversation about caring for the environment.

"I think we're a bunch of hypocrites. We're all waiting for the government — someone or something — to save the planet for us," he told the CBC's Kristy Nease from an Ottawa hotel.

"It's not going to happen. We have to take responsibility and do whatever we can."

Eastern Ontario hills the biggest challenge

Da Luz is not pulling his handmade car to show off his strength. Solar-powered cars can’t be driven on Ontario roads.

The weather was nice, he said, but hills around Kingston, Ont., and the nearby Gananoque area were difficult to climb.

"I had to take one full day break just to rest and recover from that and then after that it was okay," he said.

The vehicle will also be on display at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa Monday night.

Da Luz also made a name for himself in 2008 when he drove his solar-powered car to Inuvik, N.W.T. and set a distance record for driving his vehicle across Canada.