There's a new local market in town, and it's just for flowers

Cheap flowers from overseas are easy to find in Ottawa, but until now, there wasn't a regular market that offered locally grown, in-season blooms. That changes this weekend.

Locally grown, environmentally sustainable blooms for sale in Hintonburg

Rosalind Bennett wanted to establish a local flower market with other gardeners. The idea is to offer seasonal blooms grown in an eco-friendly manner, which means they've not been shipped thousands of kilometres. (Andrew Foote/CBC)

After a long, cold start to spring — there's a little flower power in store for your long weekend.

A group of local farmers has started a market that's just for flowers. It's scheduled to take place in Hintonburg's Somerset Square Park from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every third Saturday of each month until October, when the season's final market will be held on the 12th to coincide with Thanksgiving.

The first one is this Saturday.

You won't be getting the same tulips as you'd get in the grocery store.- Rosalind Bennett

But don't expect to find blue carnations or exotic tropicals. This market is part of the "slow flower movement," and that means all flowers are locally grown with no chemicals, no questionable labour practices and no plastic wrap.

"As with the local food movement, it's to support local growers, to support local agriculture, local farms, and the local economy," said Rosalind Bennett, a local gardener and one of the market's key organizers.

"You won't be getting the same tulips as you'd get in the grocery store."

The Ottawa Flower Market says it will offer 'sustainable flowers.' (Andrew Foote/CBC)

'Meet the growers'

Bennett told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning she hopes Ottawans embrace environmentally sustainable flowers and the people who nurture them.

"You get to meet the growers at the market. You get to talk to them find out about their farms, how they grow the flowers and the love and care that that goes into that."

So far there are six flower producers taking part in the market, but Bennett hopes more will join later on.

After a long, cold start to spring a little flower power for your long weekend. 5:25

CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning


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