Local conference helps Gatineau Christians find love

Passion 37,4 was on a mission to help Gatineau Christians find like-minded partners this weekend.

Christians find it more difficult to find religious partners, uOttawa professor says

Caroline Paulhus and Tobias Mook, Passion 374 founders, say that people find it difficult to meet partners in their churches, which sometimes have small congregations. (Radio-Canada)

A Quebec-based religious organization is on a mission to help Gatineau Christians find love.

Passion 37,4 organizes regular workshops, conferences and activities to help single Christians meet others looking for a religious partner. 

Nearly one in five Quebecers are living alone in 2018 — and for practicing Christians, who are relatively few, the challenge to find a life partner is even greater.

"They say to themselves 'Where am I going to find someone who shares the same faith as me?'" said Caroline Paulhus, who founded the organization with her husband Tobias Mook, in a French interview. 

"That's where we come in. We give them the information on how to and where to find someone."

'My desire is to be married'

The organization held a free event Saturday in a Gatineau church called "Est-ce que Dieu m'a oublié?" or Has God Forgotten Me?

Karine Gratton, an attendee at the conference, says she is looking to find her soulmate who shares her Christian values. 

It helps a lot when you believe the same thing, when you do the same things.- Arturo Miriello, Passion 37,4 conference attendee

"I still think that sexuality should be reserved for marriage. I can tell you that I am still a virgin, I am 42 years old and it is an intentional decision," she said in a French-language interview with Radio-Canada. 

"My desire is to be married and potentially have children, God willing."

Arturo Miriello, who had a divorce after 18 years of marriage, says he too is also looking for a partner but is having difficulty finding the right match.

"It helps a lot when you believe the same thing, when you do the same things. It's a big plus," he said at Saturday's conference. 

"I cannot be with someone who is not what I am."

Difficult times 

A sociology professor at the University of Ottawa said some traditional Christian values are no longer the norm in Quebec society. 

"I imagine that they have to live in difficult situations, in a society where the norm has become, in a way, sexual activity at a very young age," said Martin Meunier, who studies the place of religion in Quebec society.

Paulhus says their organization is hoping to find solutions in these difficult times for Christian singles. 

With files from Antoine Trépanier