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Take a tour of 3 unusual living spaces

As part of CBC Ottawa's series Living Reframed, we caught up with people in Ottawa who have come up with housing hacks to save money and live better lives. Click through the video to take a tour of their creative housing solutions.

As the cost of living continues to rise, people in Ottawa are getting creative with their housing arrangements

It's getting harder to find an affordable place to live in Ottawa, with housing one of the top contributors to the rising cost of living. CBC Ottawa has covered the numbersand the impact.

But there are some who've managed to find creative solutions to their housing problems — often with additional perks. As part of CBC Ottawa's series Living Reframed, we caught up with people who've figured out how to save money and live more meaningful lives through housing hacks.

Meet the housing hackers

To achieve his dreams, David Castano gave up his tiny room for an even tinier house on wheels. We hitched a ride with Castano to hear how he turned his van into a mobile home.

Thomas Wallace couldn't afford his own home, but worried about living with strangers who may not understand his unique challenges as a transgender person. Then he found Hygge Homesharing, and the couple who would become his new hosts — and friends.

Six roommates ranging in age from their early 20s to 60s, drawn together under one roof through their political activism. They call themselves The Red Door Commune, and they opened up to give us a peek inside their happy home in Old Ottawa East.

How to use this video

CBC Ottawa created this interactive video to show examples of how some people in Ottawa have come up with housing arrangements that are both affordable and meaningful.

Click on a title in the white box to take a tour of a creative housing space. 

To navigate back to the home screen, use the controls at the bottom of the video. The small circle to the left of the pause button will take you back to the main menu. 


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