Lemonade stand shutdown sparks anger, criticism on social media

Two young girls in Ottawa had a lemonade stand shut down by government officials on the long weekend, which drew the ire of many on social media.

Ottawa, often dubbed the 'city that fun forgot,' hears the unwanted slogan once again

Adela Andrews (left) and her sister Eliza (right) were told to stop selling lemonade along Colonel By Drive. The reaction to the story was swift and mostly anti-NCC. (courtesy of Kurtis Andrews)

The organization in charge of several pieces of land in the National Capital Region shut down a lemonade stand being operated by two young girls on Canada Day long weekend. They didn't have permit.

After making $52, the girls' father said a cyclist told them they weren't allowed to be there, and an official with the National Capital Commission (NCC) later followed with more detailed reasons.

The girls were operating on NCC land, and needed a permit.

The NCC then shut down the stand.

That sparked a rash of negative comments about the NCC's action.

Critics of the shutdown included the former cabinet minister responsible for oversight of the organization.

Ottawa's old and unwanted slogan also returned.

However, some sided with the cyclist and the NCC.

The NCC did apologize to the girls' father on Monday.

Cyclists stop to buy lemonade at a stand on Colonel By Drive that was later shut down by the National Capital Commission for failing to have a permit. (Kurtis Andrews)


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