LeBreton Flats bids: Comparing Ottawa Senators and DCDLS proposals

Two groups seek the right to develop LeBreton Flats over the next couple of decades. We compare those bids here using maps and comparative photos.

We've mapped the key aspects of each bid for redevelopment of LeBreton Flats

The two bids for LeBreton Flats each include an NHL-style arena and new central public library for Ottawa, plus at least 50-per-cent of the space is available for public use.

However, there are several differences between the RendezVous LeBreton Group plan and the Devcore Canderel DLS Group plan.

This map shows the RendezVous LeBreton Group plan.

This map shows the Devcore Canderel DLS Group plan.

Even the similar aspects of each bid have different designs and locations within LeBreton Flats.

Check out the comparisons below (RLG left, DCDLS right).

Arena & Library