Kingston releases proposed plans for redesign of penitentiary and harbour

The city of Kingston released four different plans for the redesign of the Kingston Penitentiary and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour on Thursday. The illustrated designs are based on input gathered from members of the community in October.

City of Kingston wants residents to choose their favourite features for the future sites

This illustration, from the second of four potential visions for the future of Kingston's waterfront, shows streets from the city's historic Portsmouth Village neighbourhood extending into the redevelopment area and lined with townhouses and linear parks. (Portsmouth Visioning)

The city of Kingston released four different plans for the redesign of the Kingston Penitentiary and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour on Thursday, based on input gathered from the community in October.

The city and the Canada Lands Company retained a consulting firm to lead the "vision" sessions. The Canada Lands company is a Crown corporation responsible, in part, for the redevelopment of federal properties.

The four "exploratory" illustrations were made from design meetings and focus groups with residents, says Julie Salter-Keane, the city's community projects manager. 

"We expect there will be some mixing and matching," Salter-Keane said.

The feedback generated will then be used to help create an emerging vision for the waterfront area, she said.

Historically a working harbour, the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour was reconfigured for the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, as it hosted the sailing events.

The Kingston Penitentiary was a functioning prison for nearly 180 years, housing such notorious inmates as Paul Bernardo and Clifford Olson before closing for good in 2013. This past summer, the penitentiary was reopened for public tours.

The city is expecting to release the preferred master plan for the redevelopment in the spring of 2017.