Ottawa store teams with recycler to find home for used car seats

A recycling company is offering, for a small fee, to take the expired children's car seats collecting dust in garages off people's hands this weekend.

Cost to drop off old car seat is $11.30

Car seats are often difficult to throw away, due to the many materials used in their manufacturing. (CBC)

As a parent, you're told a lot of things about car seats for kids. How to use the anchoring system, how to pinch the webbing of the harness to ensure it's tight enough, how to make sure the chest clip is exactly at the armpit level.

But one thing many parents are unsure of is how to properly dispose of broken or expired car seats.

Two Ontario organizations have banded together to find a home for those old seats. 

Green Propeller and Ottawa's east end Kiddytown location are offering a drop-off centre for children's car seats on Saturday.

Hundreds of thousands of car seats are in Ontario's landfills right now, according to Graham Lewis, CEO of Green Propeller, who was a guest on CBC Radio's All in a Day.

He and his team decided they would research how to recycle each of the 25 materials in car seats. Everything from steel to fabric has to be disposed of differently. 

"There were a few naysayers," Lewis said. "But we're preventing things from going to landfill. It's all either recycled or reused."

Drop off on Saturday

Kiddytown, a children's supply store, has partnered with Green Propeller to facilitate car seat recycling in the Ottawa area.

"[Previously] there has been nothing to do, they end up in landfill sites," said Mike Zuro, regional manager of Kiddytown. 

The recycled pieces can be used in handbags, toys, fabric and more, said Lewis.

The cost to drop off an old car seat is $11.30, said Lewis. You can drop off your old car seats on July 15 at Kiddytown's 2265 Gladwin Cres. location between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.