Meet Canada's top K-pop cover bands

Eleven of Canada's top K-pop cover artists landed in Ottawa this past weekend to compete for a chance to go international.

11 bands from across Canada competed in Ottawa this past weekend

YJ Lee, a member of Daam, says the K-pop community in Ottawa and Toronto is very closely knit, and many of those competing were actually friends. (Olivier Plante/CBC)

Canada's top K-pop cover artists landed in Ottawa this past weekend to compete for a chance to go international. 

Recognized for its smiling and photogenic youngsters, perfectly choreographed dance routines, and undeniably catchy tunes, the South Korean music style has taken the world by storm.

Five bands from Ottawa, plus six others from across Canada, competed Saturday night at the K-Pop Cover Dance Festival for a chance to visit the country and compete in the world K-pop competitions.

To the delight of fans, members from the Korean band Snuper were the judges. 

Bibimbappers and Unit One, both local bands, scored second and third place, respectively.

First place went to Toronto's Daam, who now get to compete at the finals in Seoul sometime this fall.

"My team members are crying. We're ecstatic with joy," said YJ Lee, a member of Daam. "K-pop is slowly growing and taking over the world.... In each city and each place there is always K-pop community ... we're very lucky to have that."

Want to meet Canada's rising K-pop stars? Here are some photos from Saturday night's competition.

Before we meet the Canadian bands taking the K-pop cover world by storm, here's the band Snuper. In a rare visit to Ottawa, its members were the judges of Saturday night's competition. ( Olivier Plante/CBC)
Dozens of people came out Saturday night to watch the K-pop competition. (Olivier Plante/CBC)
Ziya Wei, a performer with the Ottawa K-pop cover band S.A. Ottawa Dance, gets ready before the big show. The Chinese-born dancer says you don't have to be Korean to enjoy K-pop. (Olivier Plante/CBC)
K-pop is known for creative and well co-ordinated costumes, and just before their big show Saturday, members of Daam make sure their costumes and makeup are just right. (Olivier Plante/CBC)
Ottawa's Bibimbappers took second place Saturday. (Olivier Plante/CBC)
Kayla Walcott says she's been a big fan for many years after her sister introduced her to K-pop music videos. She says she's been learning more about Korean culture through the music, and would like to visit South Korea some day. (Olivier Plante/CBC)
Unit One is a K-pop cover band based in Ottawa. Its member Erika Turner, wearing a floral beige dress, says anyone can perform K-pop if they have the passion. (Olivier Plante/CBC)
Members of Unit One perform Saturday night in Ottawa at a K-pop cover band competition. (Olivier Plante/CBC)

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