Judge orders woman accused of illegal cosmetic procedures to find a lawyer

An esthetician accused of violating a 2014 court order barring her from injecting people with Botox and other fillers has been ordered to find a lawyer before her case goes back to court June 5.

Eve Stewart, who runs a clinic on Viewmount Drive in Ottawa, says no lawyer will take her case

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario alleges Eve Stewart has violated the terms of a 2014 court order which barred her from performing medical procedures, including Botox injections and Silhouette facelifts. (Ian Clarke/CBC)

An esthetician accused of violating a 2014 court order barring her from injecting clients with Botox and other fillers has been ordered to find a lawyer before her case goes back to court.

Eve Stewart told Superior Court Justice Lynn Ratushny on Thursday that she couldn't respond to the charges because she couldn't find legal counsel. ​Ratushny agreed to adjourn the case until June 5 and insisted Stewart obtain a lawyer before that date.​

"No lawyer will take my case," lamented Stewart as she walked away from reporters.

In May 2014 Stewart was ordered to stop performing a number of medical procedures, including Botox injections, Silhouette facelifts and rhinoplasties. 

I was injecting myself.- Eve Stewart

On Friday the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario launched a new legal action against Stewart after an investigation prompted by information received from the public.

The college alleges Stewart, who is not licensed to practise medicine, has broken the terms of the 2014 court order by once again offering medical procedures at Eve's Laser Clinic.

Outside court Thursday afternoon, Stewart told reporters that vials of Botox and other injectables found in garbage bins outside her home by a private investigator hired by the college did not indicate she was violating her conditions.

"I was injecting myself," said Stewart.

Possible jail time, fine

This time the college will ask a court to imprison Stewart, issue a fine, and force her to post signs in her clinic about the 2014 court order, as well as run ads in a newspaper. The college also wants the court to order Stewart to hand over all her financial records and tax returns since May 2014.

None of the newest allegations against Stewart has been tested in court. 

In its application, the college also includes affidavits from private investigators hired to pose as prospective patients.

In September 2016 two undercover investigators visited Stewart at her Eve's Laser Clinic on Viewmount Drive. One of the investigators had arranged for a Botox injection, while the other tagged along posing as a friend interested in the procedure.

As she prepared the injection, Stewart is alleged to have told the investigators she has clients who come in for Botox treatments every month.