Mayor Jim Watson released from hospital after appendectomy

Mayor Jim Watson has been released from the Queensway Carleton Hospital after undergoing surgery to have his appendix removed.

Mayor left council meeting early last Wednesday after experiencing significant pain

Mayor Jim Watson was released from hospital on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017 after undergoing an appendectomy last Wednesday. (CBC News)

Mayor Jim Watson has been released from the Queensway Carleton Hospital after undergoing surgery last week to have his appendix removed. 

The mayor had to leave the final council meeting of the year last Wednesday when he started feeling significant pain, according to his chief of staff Serge Arpin.

He remained in hospital for a few days after the operation on the advice of his doctor. 

In a tweet on Sunday, Watson said he was happy to be leaving the hospital and returning home. 

Watson's office said Friday he likely wouldn't return to city hall until the new year.