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Jennifer Chevalier is the senior producer of enterprise journalism at CBC Ottawa, focusing on original stories and investigative reporting. You can contact her at

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'Stop hurting each other': Mother of bullying victim calls on schools to act on violence

An Ottawa teen who was bullied in school says he’s not surprised by the results of a new poll commissioned by CBC News that shows more than one-third of all high school students in Canada have experienced what he went through: threats, physical violence and hateful or racist name-calling at school.

Candidates inspired by philosophers, personal experience — and Harry Potter

More than 100 people are running to represent eastern Ontario and western Quebec in Parliament in this month’s federal election. CBC Ottawa reached out to the candidates and invited them to respond to questions about themselves, as well as their political ideas and influences.

How 'regenerative farmers' help reduce greenhouse gases

Farmers say people can still take a bite out of climate change while eating red meat, pushing back against global headlines calling for major changes to the world's farming and eating habits. 

Marching toward 1M: 7 moments that marked Ottawa's growth into a big city

CBC spoke with some of the people at the centre of significant milestones in our city's history about their memories of those moments.

'These guys are predators': Condo owner says home turned into Airbnb 'ghost hotel'

An Ottawa man who says his tenant is renting his ByWard Market condo out on Airbnb against his will — and the condo board's rules — complains he's feeling violated.

Door-to-door company in hot water over sales tactics

An Ottawa company accused of using misleading door-to-door sales tactics is facing numerous charges under consumer protection laws.

'They knew everything about me': How latest credit card scam tricks victims

A CBC Marketplace investigation has revealed nearly 3,000 Canadians may have had their identities stolen in a new scam. An Ottawa woman explains why she fell for it.

5 things you can do to help the homeless

The services and charities that help Ottawa's homeless can always use your cash donations, but here's a list of five other ways you can help:

Paul Dewar kicks off youth leadership project

The former Ottawa MP, who has terminal brain cancer, and his wife are launching Youth Action Now tonight with a sizable fundraising boost.

Why Friday is the most dangerous day to drive on Hwy. 401

A CBC analysis of five years of traffic data shows more car crashes happen on Highway 401 on Fridays than any other day of the week.

Fire chief, friends pitch in to end paramedic's run of rotten luck

When the Dunrobin rental home paramedic Nicole Lowden and her family were living in was destroyed in Friday's tornado, Ottawa's fire chief made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

In your blue box, not all plastics are created equal

Since China's ban on plastic waste left municipalities across North America scrambling to find new markets for their recycling, some recyclable plastics just aren't worth collecting anymore.

CBC Ottawa explains: How can we lift Ottawa's lagging recycling rate?

The plant that processes Ottawa's residential recycling receives thousands of non-recyclable items every day, prompting calls for the city to help homeowners get with the program.

Trump not likely to terminate NAFTA anytime soon, says original negotiator

The U.S. negotiator who worked on the original North American Free Trade Agreement says that despite U.S. President Donald Trump's suggestions, he will not likely terminate the deal anytime soon.

City starts tick dragging in parks

Ottawa Public Health started tick dragging in city parks on Wednesday in order to test the bugs they catch for Lyme disease.