Cauliflower price hike surprises veggie lovers in Ottawa

If complaints on social media are any indication, people in Ottawa either hate or love cauliflower. Either way they can't believe the current $8 per head price tag.

'I stood there staring at the price last week,' complained Kass Minor, in post about the 'insane cost'

There may be a lot fewer plates like this over the holidays and some Ottawa residents aren't happy. (Julie Van Rosendaal)

Many residents of Ottawa were not happy to wake up to news that a short supply of cauliflower has shot the price through the roof. 

Some area restaurants said they'll be using broccoli or other vegetables, rather than pay the $8 per head price tag. 

If the response on social media is any indication, many Ottawans are in disbelief.

"I was just complaining about the INSANE cost of cauliflower," posted Kass Minor on the CBC Ottawa Facebook page. "I swear I could buy it for $4 at the begining [sic] of November. I stood there staring at the price last week."

And she wasn't the only one.

"I'm certainly not paying that for a head of cauliflower," Sandy Thompson posted on Facebook. "It can rot on the shelve before I pay that."

But, for diehard cauliflower fanatics, living without their favourite dishes is simply not an option.

From steamed to grilled to mashed, there may be more ways to use the vegetable than you'd think.

"I make homemade Mac and cheese with cauliflower and also pizza crust," said Jessica Osborne. "I will still buy it since it is a versatile vegetable."

It seems even the occasional pet is a cauliflower fan.

Perk McCrimmon, was one of many residents to remind people that cauliflower prices have leaped before.

"The last time the price spiked, I wrapped one up and gave it to my wife for Christmas," he posted on Facebook.

For the record, they're still married.