Innes: #CBCStreetTalk in Ward 2

The CBC Street Talk team was in Innes Ward to hear directly from you the voters - listen to what other voters and candidates think about the state of our city.

The candidates for Innes, Ward 2, make their case to voters.

The CBC Street Talk team visited Innes, Ward 2, to hear directly from voters - what would make your neighbourhood a better place to live? 2:08

From Sept. 22 to Oct. 23, CBC Ottawa will visit the 23 electoral wards in the city of Ottawa to get the inside track on the issues people are talking about on the eve of the upcoming municipal election.

Candidates running for Innes Ward:

  • Laura Dudas
  • Teresa Whitmore
  • François Trépanier
  • Chris Fraser
  • Eldon Holder
  • Chantal Lecours
  • Fred Sherwin
  • Andrew Modray
  • Jody Mitic

Innes Ward is located in Ottawa's east end, and includes the Blackburn Hamlet community, neighbourhoods of Orleans Village, and parts of Notre Dame Des Champs, formerly in the city of Gloucester.

Blackburn Hamlet is the probably the best known area in Innes ward. It's a little suburb surrounded by the Greenbelt, sandwiched between the 174 and Innes Road. 

The CBC Street Talk team visited the ward on October 2 - to ask what voters what issues matter most to them in this election campaign. 

Rainer Bloess, the longtime incumbent for Innes ward, is stepping down. And there are a whopping 9 candidates looking to take his place on city council.

CBC Ottawa asked all the candidates running for city council to record a 1-minute pitch and tell voters why they think they're the best candidate for their ward. The pitches below are from those who participated in this project. You can hear the 1-minute elevator pitches from some of the candidates below.