Incumbents hold Ottawa-area ridings

While there were major changes to political fortunes across the country in Monday's general election, Ottawa-area ridings saw little change in the status quo.
NDP's Paul Dewar wins in Ottawa Centre. 11:40

While there were major changes to political fortunes across the country in Monday's general election, Ottawa-area ridings saw little change in the status quo.

John Baird chalked up his third victory in Ottawa West-Nepean, adding to a strong Conservative victory overall — a majority after two consecutive minority governments.

The Conservatives nationally captured 40 per cent of the vote, followed by 31 per cent for the NDP. The Liberals suffered a stunning defeat, earning just under 20 per cent of the vote.

In the Ottawa area, Conservative Gordon O'Connor was re-elected in Carleton-Mississippi Mills, while Conservative Pierre Poilievre was re-elected in Nepean-Carleton and incumbent Conservative Royal Galipeau held on to his seat in Ottawa-Orléans.

However, across the river in Quebec, there was a surprising turn of events as Conservative Lawrence Cannon lost his seat to New Democrat Mathieau Ravignat In the Gatineau-area riding of Pontiac.

In Ottawa Centre, incumbent Democrat Paul Dewar won to become one of about 100 New Democrats elected as Members of Parliament. The party won Official Opposition status, taking that role away from the humbled Liberals, who were leading or elected in just 35 seats.

David McGuinty was re-elected in Ottawa South. The Liberal beat his near rival Conservative Elie Salibi, repeating results recorded when the two faced off in the 2008 vote.

Another incumbent, Liberal Mauril Bélanger, was re-elected in Ottawa-Vanier.