Incandescent bulb ban leaves bird care centre with dim hope

The Wild Bird Care Centre in Ottawa's west end says it needs more incandescent light bulbs for its incubators, so its bright idea was to ask for donations.

Ottawa's Wild Bird Care Centre wasn't ready for federal government change on Jan. 1

Stockpiling incandescents

CBC News: Ottawa at 6:00

7 years ago
Ottawa's Wild Bird Care Centre is hoping to stockpile incandescent bulbs to warm birds. 1:53

Ottawa’s Wild Bird Care Centre has put the call out for incandescent light bulbs, which it uses to provide warmth for injured and recovering birds, after the federal government banned manufacturers from selling the bulbs.

In Canada, the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs are considered the norm. The incandescent light bulbs use more power, but they are also warmer and serve an important role inside incubators.

“As the light bulb is on, it will obviously warm things up and then the setting will turn it off to keep the right temperature,” explained Mireille Goguen, who works at the centre.

This pigeon tumbled out of his nest as a little over a month ago and he's now on the road to recovery, thanks in part to the warm glow of the incandescent bulb in his incubator. (CBC)

She said they were caught off-guard by the bulb ban and they are already running short on incandescent bulbs. Now they are asking people to donate 100-watt bulbs.

"(We will take) as many as possible. If people have them hanging around we will take them or if they want to buy them for us it would be much appreciated," said Goguen.

Donations can be dropped off at the centre, which is located on Moodie Drive in the city’s west end.