Ottawa offers up name suggestions for new icebreakers

On Wednesday, Coun. Jeff Leiper reached out to the Twitterverse for name suggestions for the city's new sidewalk machines. Ottawa did not disappoint.

'Wesley' emerges as leading choice for sidewalk machine

Get to know Ottawa's new 'ice breakers'

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2 years ago
Somerset ward councillor Catherine McKenney says the city is using new "ice breakers" as part of a pilot project to get layers of ice off sidewalks. (Mar. 1, 2019) 1:07

If you're trying to break the ice, it's usually a good idea to start with a name.

On Wednesday, Coun. Jeff Leiper reached out to the Twitterverse for name suggestions for Ottawa's newest sidewalk machines.

The city has been testing five of them as a way to break up the ice that's built up underfoot this year, making the walkways dangerous for pedestrians.

The new machines resemble small steamrollers with spike-studded drums. The icebreaker attaches to the front of a regular city plow or tractor, perforating the ice as it rolls along. A second plow then clears away the ice chips.

The machine's spiked drum chips away at the ice, letting another plow clear up the mess. (CBC)

Leiper Tweeted Wednesday morning that he wants names for the machines so he can finally stop referring to them as a "roller-with-spikes."

Twitter users did not disappoint.

Leiper's council colleague, Matt Luloff, got in on the pun and games.

Some tried to pick up on the musical theme.

Others went for pop culture references.

'Wesley' caught the attention of other Star Trek fans.

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