Hundreds gather for Danielle Naçu tribute ride

Many cyclists wore yellow in honour of Danielle Naçu, who died after she was struck while riding along Queen Street last Tuesday.

Several hundred people cycled through downtown Ottawa Tuesday morning in honour of Danielle Naçu, who was killed while riding one week ago.

Naçu, 33, was killed while riding on Queen Street last week. Witnesses said someone opened the door of a parked car into her path while she was cycling and she fell in the path of a car that had been driving behind her.

The tribute ride, which was planned exactly one week after the collision, included her brother Brent Naçu.

Other family members, coworkers and friends were also on hand as they kicked off the ride at Christ Church Cathedral at the intersection of Bronson Avenue and Queen Street.

A police escort was provided as the group moved east on Queen St. towards the ghost bike memorial, which sits near where Naçu was hit. That is where the 40-minute tribute ended.

Many people wore yellow, including ribbons, in honour of the former public servant. The CBC's Giacomo Panico reported they wore that colour because Naçu was their "sunshine" on a daily basis.

The ride wrapped up at the ghost bike, which is covered by colourful flowers, at just after 9:30 a.m.

Danielle Naçu, 33, died from her injuries after colliding with the door of a parked car and being knocked into moving traffic. (Facebook)