Human bones found by construction crew digging in Manotick

Human bones have been found by a construction crew digging at a work site in the south Ottawa community of Manotick, police say.

Forensic anthropologist called in to examine bones; police searching construction site

Ottawa police dug through and sifted soil at a construction site on Cabrelle Place on Thursday after several bones were found on Tuesday. (CBC)

Human bones have been found by a construction crew digging at a work site in the south Ottawa community of Manotick, police say.

Manotick resident and businessman Chris Napior says the site where the bones were found had been vacant farmland for years. (CBC)

Ottawa police were called to Cabrelle Place in Maple Creek Estates, a housing development under construction by Uniform Developments, at about 4 p.m. on Tuesday. The site is not far from Bankfield and First Line roads.

What appeared to be a human jawbone and some vertebrae were found in shallow soil as a crew was digging the foundation for a deck.

Chris Napior, a Manotick resident and businessman, found out about the bones on social media, then came to visit the site.

Site heavily backfilled

He told CBC News the land had been vacant farmland for years, and that a lot of backfill has been trucked in over time.

The site has been cordoned off by investigators. (Simon Gardner/CBC)

"Many different sources — a lot of fill came in to these properties. It was vacant farmland for years, so who knows how long it's been sitting there. ... It didn't seem that [the bones were] too deep," Napier said.

"It's pretty much the talk of the town. Manotick is like Mayberry, it's pretty quiet, so this is some excitement going on. It's too bad, what it is."

A forensic anthropologist was called to the site and arrived from Toronto on Thursday, police said. As of 1 p.m. Thursday, no determination had been made about whether foul play was involved.

The major crimes unit is keeping an eye on the file, and the investigation continues.