How watching pornography affects your relationship

Watching pornograpy has a negative effect on your intimate relationships and there's a direct impact on your sex life, according to sex addiction specialist Michael Browning. Check out his advice from Ontario Today and our live chat.

Sex addiction specialist Michael Browning talked about pornography's impact

Michael Browning, a psychotherapist and sex addiction specialist, joins us for a live web chat on Friday at 1 p.m. ET. (Leanne DeSchiffart)
Watching pornography has an effect on your intimate relationships, says an Ottawa-based therapist specializing in sex addiction treatment.

On Friday, Ontario Today spoke to Michael Browning, a psychotherapist who says watching pornography will hurt your relationship and sex life.

He compares the situation to a highway where pornography becomes the fast lane and reality becomes the slow lane.

You can read a recap of the live chat with Michael Browning below.

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