Ottawa heart attack survivor seeks anonymous Good Samaritan who saved his life

An Ottawa man who survived a heart attack wants to find the Good Samaritan who stopped to help him when nobody else would to thank her in person. "She is totally responsible for saving my life."

Colin Jones tried to wave down more than 20 cars before a Good Samaritan finally stopped

Heart attack survivor Colin Jones, with his wife Angela McLean, wants to track down the anonymous Good Samaritan who stopped to help him on Oct. 13. (Hallie Cotnam/CBC)

Colin Jones was driving his red Hyundai Elantra along John Quinn Road on the morning of Oct. 13, when he began feeling an increasing shortness of breath and pulled over. He needed help, and tried waving down passing motorists.

He had almost given up hope, after watching more than 20 cars whiz by in 20 minutes, when a young woman stopped and asked him what was wrong.

"I said, 'I'm dying,'" he told Hallie Cotnam on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning. "She saved my life. She is totally responsible for saving my life." 

In the chaos and pain, Jones didn't catch the Good Samaritan's name. Now he's reaching out publicly to find her so he can say thanks to the person who took the time to check on a stranger at the side of the road — and made a life-saving 911 call.

We owe her one big thank you.-  Angela McLean

Jones recently gave up his cell phone because he never used it, his wife Angela McLean said.

"If she hadn't have stopped, what would have the result been? Because no one wanted to take five minutes out of their day. That's tough," she said. "We owe her one big thank you."

Jones said his heart stopped beating twice on his way to hospital.

"I now have a stent in my heart and I have to have quadruple bypass," he said.

He said the woman who stopped was slim with blonde hair, and was driving a small, black car.

McLean said her life could be "so totally different" if the woman hadn't stopped.

"I might have been planning a funeral. I might have been burying a husband instead of taking care of one," she said.

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