Jeopardy champ Grant McSheffrey's win streak comes to an end

The Ottawa software developer couldn't keep his win streak alive Friday night, but he managed to bag nearly $70,000 US this week during three wins on the popular game show.

Ottawa software designer won nearly $70,000 during 3 days on quiz show

Ottawa's Grant McSheffrey won $69,201 US during his three wins this week on the popular television game show Jeopardy. (CBC)

Grant McSheffrey's Jeopardy winning streak is over.

The Ottawa software developer had won three games this week on the long-running American quiz show, raking in nearly $70,000 US along the way.

But on Friday, McSheffrey finished in third place, bringing his game show reign to an end.

McSheffrey's beaming reaction following his first win Tuesday night became the subject of internet memes as fans of the show shared in his excitement.

Ottawa's Grant McSheffrey celebrates his first victory on Jeopardy. (Twitter)

As he told CBC's Ottawa Morning earlier this week, McSheffrey had wanted to be on Jeopardy since he was a boy.

The BlackBerry employee had tried for about five years to get on the show before passing an online test in January 2016.

McSheffrey said he used an American zip code because at the time the show was not allowing Canadian contestants — but he was able to convince the show's producers to let him compete.

He also plays online trivia and is a member of a pub trivia league here in Ottawa.