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Let cities increase reach of photo radar, councillor urges province

An Ottawa city councillor is calling on the province to loosen restrictions on where the city can install photo radar to catch speeders in the act.

'Dangerous territory': How Ottawa-Gatineau became a COVID-19 hot spot, and what to do now

Public health officials in Ottawa and Gatineau are trying to figure out how the National Capital Region became a COVID-19 "hot spot," and how to go about preventing further spread of the illness.

No remote learning for OCDSB's International Baccalaureate students

High school students who have been working toward an International Baccalaureate diploma in Ottawa's English public board have been told they must attend classes in person in order to stay in the program.

OCDSB to cut class sizes in city's COVID-19 'hot zones'

Ottawa’s largest school board says it will reduce the number of students per class in neighbourhoods where the spread of COVID-19 has been relatively high.

Back to school in a pandemic

Two French Catholic elementary schools in Ottawa's Riverside South neighbourhood resumed classes Wednesday, for the first time since the pandemic shut everything down in March.

It's already back-to-school time for some Ottawa students

While most students in Ottawa won't be lining up to resume classes until early September, the fall semester is already underway at two French Catholic elementary schools in the city's south end.

OCDSB's half-day high school plan catches parents off guard

Some parents say they're surprised and disappointed by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board's plan to send secondary students back to the classroom for as few as five hours a week this fall.

Spree of recent shootings gang related, say police

Ottawa police have boosted their presence in at least three neighbourhoods following five related incidents in which shots were fired at homes, says the lead investigator.

U of O students wary of 'extreme' anti-cheating software

The University of Ottawa's apparent use of software that utilizes artificial intelligence to detect cheating during online exams is causing a backlash among students who say the technology is extreme and invasive.

University cheating might be up — but don't just blame students

As universities and colleges increasingly shift classes online, some experts are warning instructors to change their approach to teaching in order to curb a perceived rise in cases of suspected cheating.

Short notice means not all Ottawa daycares will reopen Friday

Tuesday's announcement that childcare centres in Ontario will be allowed to reopen by the end of the week was met with both glee and surprise by Janet LeBlanc, director of the Bettye Hyde Cooperative Early Learning Centre in Ottawa's Sandy Hill neighbourhood.

English board teachers in Quebec balk at government's school-like 'camps'

While most high school students in Quebec are set to remain at home until September, some at-risk or vulnerable secondary students will be invited to attend what the province's Education Ministry is calling a "pedagogical camp." 

Without internet, rural adult students feeling shut out

For rural students of an adult training program in Renfrew County, the COVID-19 shutdown, combined with the lack of affordable and reliable internet, is proving especially challenging. 

Ottawa airport borrows cash to stay afloat through travel slowdown

A dramatic loss in revenue means the Ottawa airport will have to borrow anywhere from $100 million to $200 million over the next three years just to stay afloat. 

Life returns to Ottawa's parks

The long-anticipated reopening of tennis courts, dog parks and skate parks in Ottawa perfectly coincided with a gorgeous day of sunshine, luring many to once again make use of their local outdoor city facilities after weeks of indoor isolation.