Gatineau police defend decision to shoot cattle

Police in Gatineau, Que., say two cattle they shot and killed Thursday were aggressive and a threat to residents.

WARNING: The video in this article contains graphic footage and may be disturbing to some

Gatineau police shoot cattle

12 years ago
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Warning: This video contains graphic footage and will be disturbing to some.

Police in Gatineau, Que., say two cows they shot and killed Thursday were aggressive and a threat to residents.

Police fired their guns at least 10 times to shoot and kill one of the animals running loose in the community of Masson-Angers.

Police said the animals were found wandering on Montreal Road West near George Street at about 12:22 p.m. The animals were bound for an abattoir when they escaped Thursday afternoon from a trailer.

Police said the animals at times charged police cars. Children at a nearby primary school, St-Jean de Brebeuf, were asked to stay indoors while police attempted to corral the animals.

Police said it was impossible to contain the animals and, with the permission of the owner of the cattle, they shot and killed one of them the intersection of Chemin de la Rive and Chemin du Quai, about 30 kilometres east of downtown Gatineau. Another was shot and killed near the George Street exit of Highway 50 eastbound.

Residents near Chemin de la Rive and Chemin du Quai told CBC News they were shocked to see police officers draw their weapons and open fire near houses.

Video of the incident, posted online by an area resident, shows several police cruisers surrounding one of the cows.

As it attempts to gallop away, at least one officer appears to fire his gun, and at least six shots are heard. It is not clear if or where police hit the animal, but it appears to be limping when it walks on the grassy shoulder of de la Rive.

Police cars, with sirens blaring, slowly track the animal and try to cut it off its path.

A police officer again opens fire from about four metres away, firing another four shots.

Gatineau police said they tried several times to get the animals into the trailer and were unable to because of their aggressiveness. Police said all measures were taken to ensure no person was put in danger.