Gatineau minivan thief drove off with woman's baby, police say

A woman has been reunited with her baby after someone stole her minivan — with the child inside — from a Pointe-Gatineau convenience store Thursday night.

Child found unharmed in abandoned minivan 15 minutes after mother reported theft

J-P Le May of the Gatineau police say the 10-month-old slept through the whole thing. 1:10

A woman has been reunited with her baby after someone stole her minivan — with the child inside — from a Gatineau convenience store Thursday night, police say.

At about 7:45 p.m., police were called to the store at the corner of rue Saint-Rosaire and chemin de la Savane in the city's Pointe-Gatineau district.

The woman told police she pulled over and was having a conversation on her cellphone inside the minivan, according to police spokesperson Sgt. Jean-Paul Le May.

"During the conversation she went outside of her minivan and was a bit distracted by the conversation she was having on the phone, and someone sneaked inside the motor vehicle and stole the minivan," he said.

A Gatineau police canine unit examines the minivan found abandoned in the Pointe-Gatineau district on Thursday night. (Stephane Beaudoin/CBC)

'Sleeping in the child seat'

The driver headed down Boulevard de la Cité before disappearing from the woman's view.

The woman then called police, who were about to issue an Amber Alert when the vehicle was found abandoned on nearby rue Pointe-Gatineau near rue Onésime.

The child was inside, unharmed, according to Gatineau police spokesperson Sgt. Jean-Paul Le May.

"We were happy to see that the 10-month-old child was still sleeping in the child seat as if nothing had happened. We were happy to reunite the mother and the child in the following minutes," he said.

Suspect likely didn't notice child, police say

According to Gatineau police, the suspect is a man, approximately 25 years old and of average height, who was wearing a blue and grey coat.

While the suspect likely didn't realize there was a baby inside the vehicle, police said, he could still face kidnapping charges.

The investigation continues.

No arrests had been made as of Friday afternoon.