Aerial view of west Quebec flooding shows extent of deluge

In west Quebec, rising flood water is turning streets into canals and forcing people from their homes. These images show just how dire the situation has become.

Flood water turning streets into canals as evacuation continues

Aerial view shows full extent of flooding


4 years ago
Massive flooding in west Quebec has turned streets into canals and left homes surrounded by water. 0:57

People in west Quebec continue to abandon their homes as rising flood water threatens entire neighbourhoods. The CBC's Ashley Burke got an aerial view of the devastation from a helicopter Thursday morning, and her photos reveal the full extent of the threat.

This is the damage caused by severe flooding near Lac Leamy in Gatineau. (Ashley Burke/CBC)
Homes along Hurtubise Boulevard in Gatineau are only accessible by boat. (Ashley Burke/CBC)
A baseball diamond in Gatineau's Sanscartier Park is slowing becoming submerged. (Ashley Burke/CBC)
The flooding is the worst it's been in 20 years. (Ashley Burke/CBC)
Roads in Gatineau look more like canals. (Ashley Burke/CBC)
The flooding even forced the Cumberland/Masson ferry to close. (Ashley Burke/CBC)
In west Quebec, parks are flooded and streets are becoming impassable. (Ashley Burke/CBC)
A bird's-eye view of a Gatineau neighbourhood near Lac Leamy. (Ashley Burke/CBC)