Gasoline shortages in Ottawa to ease by end of day

Suncor Energy, which owns and operates Petro-Canada, said Friday a gasoline shortage in Ottawa-Gatineau is expected to ease by the end of the day.

Suncor Energy says recent storms disrupted fuel deliveries, situation expected to improve today

Suncor Energy, which owns and operates Petro-Canada, said Friday a gasoline shortage in Ottawa is expected to ease by the end of the day.

"Due to unfavourable weather conditions our ability to move product had been temporarily reduced," wrote spokeswoman Nicole Fisher in an email. "As a result, some retail sites have experienced delays in fuel deliveries. We are currently moving product and expect the situation to improve by the end of the day.

"We understand that this has been an inconvenience to our customers and we apologize for this inconvenience."

Earlier this week, winter storms disrupted the supply chain of gasoline trucks from as far away as Texas, Suncor said.

Pumps started running dry in northwestern Ontario, but the problem later spread to the Ottawa area.

Suncor blamed inclement weather, including this weekend’s ice storm in the Toronto area.

“This is a temporary problem, we're looking for alternate methods of distribution and certainly trying to minimize the impact on for customers overall,” said Suncor spokesperson Kelli Stevens earlier this week.

“Obviously this is an inconvenience and that's very frustrating for people, especially at this time of year."

This sign tells customers in Gatineau that gas is not available at the station. (CBC)

Shell said Ottawa's fuel supply was low on Christmas Eve, but it’s getting better — unlike the situation in Gatineau, where shortages are beginning.

"We are managing fuel inventories at our sites in Quebec to best ensure our customers have access to fuel and run-outs are minimized,” said Shell spokesperson Stephen Doolan in a statement.

“We appreciate our customers' patience during this time."


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