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Ottawa gas: The ups and downs of prices at the pumps

One year after gas was below 70 cents per litre, Ontario motorists are paying more for gas now that the provincial government's cap-and-trade program is in place.

Days of $1.00 per litre are over, according to gas price experts

Remember the time gas prices were $0.45 per litre? Here it happened in 1982. 1:06

Do you remember when gas prices sat below 50 cents per litre in the early 1980s?

We dug into the archives to find a CBC News story from 1982 when the federal government cut taxes on gasoline due to an unexpected drop in oil.

You might also remember less than one year ago, in February 2016, when gas prices dropped below 70 cents per litre due to large drop in oil prices.

We are not close to an all-time high in gas prices but experts say Ontario's cap-and-trade system means the idea of $1.00 per litre is in the past.

In 1982, gas prices in Ottawa were suddenly much lower than normal due to a drop in the price of oil. In February 2016, the price dropped to under 70 cents per litre. We might not see such extreme drops again in Ontario due to the new cap-and-trade system in effect on Jan. 1, 2017. (CBC)

If you're feeling nostalgic, here is a history of gas prices in Ottawa throughout the past three decades.