Chef Marysol Foucault showcases the food she loves on new TV show

The chef behind the popular brunch spot Edgar in Hull is trying her hand at television with a new cooking show that debuted this week.

'I thought I had absolutely no chance of getting this. So I was zero nervous … and I got it'

Marysol Foucault, owner and chef of Edgar restaurant in Hull, is hosting a new cooking show on the Quebec food network Zeste. (Zeste)

Any talk of giving chef Marysol Foucault a bigger audience for her culinary creations usually revolves around expanding her wildly popular 11-seat restaurant Edgar, in Hull's Val-Tétreau neighbourhood.

Instead, she's targeting an audience of a different kind right now, shooting a television show for Quebec-based food network Zeste.

"It was totally unexpected. I got a call on a Friday. They said, 'Can you drive over to Montreal on Monday?' I said, 'Well, I guess so.' I had nothing to lose so I just drove over and auditioned," Foucault told CBC's Stu Mills on All in a Day.

"I thought I had absolutely no chance of getting this. So I was zero nervous … And I got it."

Short timeline

Foucault scarcely had time for the happy dance she said she did before work to develop the show began. Producers gave her a week to deliver 19 themes which were distilled into 13 episodes. She then had about two weeks to create and test all the recipes. 

"I'm so very lucky that they trusted me. I don't think it's something you would see in larger [TV] networks. So I'm really embracing it right now. They seem really open to ideas as well. During the show they kept all the bloopers, the little fun things that happened, so this is also quite a gift for me and for the audience."

Foucault says figuring out things like how to cook while on-camera had her brain "on fire" the first day of production. 

"I think, like many people, it's hard to watch yourself on television. So I'm very critical. I was very critical of myself as I was filming it so even watching it will be kind of horrible but I'll do it with my family I guess. And they're super happy and proud so that'll be great."

The 13 episodes, shot in French, include a Hawaiian tiki theme, an episode on what she loves about Quebec, as well as an episode on Quebec beer and cheeses.

Foucault holds up a fresh cipaille, a multi-layered meat pie shaped like a cube. (Alistair Steele/CBC)

What's next? 

Foucault says she'd happily produce a food show in English, should the opportunity present itself. 

"I love to explore food from other cultures. It's in me. I'm so curious. And also, I love the food that we have here," she says.

"I'd love for other people to discover our identity. So if I could make other people discover who we are in Quebec, Canada, that would be great. I know it's been done many, many times, but hey, I could give it my touch."