Food for Thought

For the month of March, Lucy van Oldenbarneveld and Adrian Harewood counted calories before they chowed down and blogged about their progress.

Food for thought: the final weigh-in

10 years ago
Duration 4:22
Lucy and Adrian go back to the doctor to see how much they lost after a month on their diets.

For the month of March CBC Ottawa anchors were thinking before they ate, changing their diets to improve their health and maybe lose a pound or ten. And after a month, the results are in.

Lucy van Oldenbarneveld and Adrian Harewood adopted new diets, with Lucy going vegan; eating meat- and dairy-free for a month to see if it worked for her waistline, while Adrian took to the meat and practised the paleo diet in his attempt to be healthier.

YOUR VIEW | Vegan and Paleo diets

Both anchors received advice from experts and celebrities who practice the respective diets.

It has been a learning experience for both anchors.

They had to take a trip to the doctor before diving in head first and have had to supplement their changes in diet with a renewed commitment to exercise.

Throughout the month, CBC Ottawa is also bringing you nutrition tips and news to give Ottawa a healthier glow.

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We also held a live web chat with the two brave participants on Wed., Mar. 28.

Vegan diet (Lucy)Paleo diet (Adrian)
Plant-based diet with soy, legumes, nuts, seedsMimic diet of hunter-gatherers, only foods that can be hunted/fished
No meat, eggs, dairyFish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, vegetables, nuts, etc.

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