Flood compensation depends on where you live

Ontario and Quebec offer similar compensation programs for flood victims, but the amount homeowners receive depends largely on where they live.

Both Ontario and Quebec offer compensation for flood victims, but payouts vary widely

Insurance adjuster Micheal Dacre, left, inspects a flooded home in Constance Bay. Fern Ethien, right, assesses the flood damage to her home on Blais Street in Gatineau, Que.

As the Ottawa River slowly begins to recede, flood victims on both sides of the waterway are beginning to assess the damage.

Both Ontario and Quebec are offering financial assistance to people who have lost property and belongings, but how much compensation they're able to claim could depend on which side of the river they call home.

If you live in Quebec and your home is declared a total loss, the province will reimburse its value up to $159,208, excluding the value of the land. Another $25,000 is available for demolition costs. Movable household items, like furniture and appliances, can be claimed separately.

Contrast that with Ontario, where homeowners can make a claim for up to $250,000 to repair their property "to a basic standard." But in Ontario, basic household items are also included within this cap. 

Another difference is the deductible. In Ontario, claimants to the disaster recovery assistance program must pay a $500 deductible unless they are designated as low-income. In Quebec, the deductible is just $100. 

Both programs contain detailed schedules on the maximum amount they offer to reimburse homeowners for the loss of "essential" items.

Ontario vs. Quebec: Compensation for flood victims