Fires in Orleans, Gatineau injure 2, leave 13 homeless

Firefighters in Ottawa and Gatineau were busy on a hot Tuesday evening as they fought a pair of fires that left 13 people homeless and injured two.

Glandriel Crescent fire leaves 8 homeless, Rue Archambault fire leaves 5 homeless and injures 2

Thirteen people were left homeless and two people were injured after a pair of fires in Gatineau and east Ottawa on Tuesday evening.

This photo tweeted by Twitter user @DysthymicDad shows the fire raging at a duplex on Glandriel Crescent in Orleans during the evening of July 28, 2015. (@DysthymicDad/Twitter)
Ottawa firefighters responded to 2333 Glandriel Cres. at about 6:48 p.m. Tuesday for a working fire.

The occupants were out safely as flames were shooting from the garage and roof of the home.

It took more than an hour to get the fire under control and everything was out in just over two hours, according to fire officials.

Nobody was injured. Two families living at 2333 and 2335 Glandriel, which includes eight people, are now homeless.

The estimated damage is $800,000. The cause is under investigation.

Gatineau fire injures 2, leaves 5 homeless

About 30 minutes earlier, firefighters in Gatineau responded to a building on Rue Archambault in the city's Hull sector for a kitchen fire.

An unattended stove led to a fire that injured two people and left five homeless, officials said.

The extent of the injuries were not released.

Damage from that fire is estimated at $180,000.