Few leads in violent Meadowlands home invasion

Ottawa police are asking the public for help after five people were beaten at a Meadowlands residence this weekend.

Police say they have very little evidence to go on after several people were injured at a Nepean residence early Saturday morning in a brutal home invasion. 

Five people were inside the brick bungalow at 60 Meadowlands Dr. at about 4 a.m. Saturday when three men burst in brandishing a knife and a blunt object and proceeded to beat the occupants, according to Sgt. Mike Harbosch of the Ottawa Police Service 

Harbosch said investigators have yet to determine a motive.

"It's possible that they targeted the wrong house inadvertently, that's one of the things we're looking at," Harbosch said.

Myron Steeves, a retiree who lives across the road, said a Halloween party at the same address last October turned into a brawl and spilled out onto the street.

Steeves said the police lights, and closure of Meadowlands Drive on Saturday morning didn't surprise him

"Every since those people moved in," said Steeves. "I always felt that it wasn't a normal situation."

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

Of the three men being sought, the victims described only two: a man in his 20s, about six feet two inches tall and with a muscular build. The other man has the same approximate age and height, but with a slimmer build.