Farm Boy recalls cheese balls for possible Listeria contamination

Six cheese ball products from the Ontario grocery chain were on sale until this past weekend.

6 store brand cheese ball products were on shelves until this weekend

One of the six cheese ball products that's been recalled by Farm Boy. (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Six cheese ball products from the Ontario grocery chain Farm Boy that were on sale until this past weekend have been recalled over possible Listeria contamination.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said Sunday the recall was triggered by one of its test results, with no illnesses reported.

The products were on shelves until Sunday, it said.

They are:

  • Its 360 gram Cheese Ball Trio with fiesta, cranberry pecan and bacon cheddar cheese balls, UPC starting with 0 238211.
  • Its 180 gram Blue Cheese and Walnut Ball, UPC starts with 0 238274.
  • Its 180 gram Cranberry Pecan Cheese Ball, UPC 8 08912 00884 4 or starting with 0 232337.
  • Its 180 gram Fiesta Cheese Ball, UPC 8 08912 00883 7 or starting with 0 238283.
  • Its 180 gram FB White Chocolate Pecan Cranberry Ball", UPC starts with 0 238275.
  • Its 180 gram Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball, UPC 8 08912 00885 1 or starting with 0 238284.

There are 28 Farm Boy stores in Ontario.

Don't eat these products, the CFIA says. Instead you should throw them out or return them to the store where you bought them.

Food contaminated by the Listeria bacteria may appear fine, but can cause flu-like symptoms and complications for pregnant women, with more severe symptoms in rare cases.


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