Mixed reaction greets Ottawa's first Family Day in 2008

We dig into the CBC Ottawa archives to find this report on the city's first-ever Family Day in 2008.

Families loved it, businesses worried about bottom line

Winterluders loved it. Businesses were skeptical. CBC Ottawa looks back on the first Family Day in 2008. 2:20

Many Ontarians will have today off as the province marks Family Day, but it wasn't always that way.

The holiday has only been in place for the past eight years, after former premier Dalton McGuinty made a day off on the third Monday of every February part of his successful 2007 election campaign.

In this archival report from February 2008, the CBC's Danny Globerman took to the streets of downtown Ottawa to find out what people thought about the new holiday.

He found families happy that the day off let them explore Winterlude together — but also restaurants and other businesses concerned about what the holiday meant for their bottom line.

Watch that report above.

This man gave Ottawa's first Family Day in 2008 a thumbs-up — but not everyone felt the same way when the province introduced the new statutory holiday eight years ago. (CBC)