Absolutely Ottawa: Bringing local films and docs to your screen

If you missed the TV telecasts, you can still watch the programs online

If you missed the TV telecasts, you can still watch the programs online

Absolutely Ottawa airs during the summer on CBC Ottawa TV. (CBC)

Absolutely Ottawa aired during the summer to showcase documentaries and short films produced locally by in-house producers and/or independent filmmakers. If you missed any of the series episodes you can watch them online here.  

From empowering Ottawa's youth through classical music education with OrKidstra to exploring Canada's cultural identity with filmmaker Gabriela Warrior Renaud, this year's Absolutely Ottawa series showcased unique stories from the local region.

These are the episodes that you can now watch online:

Studio 14 Session II

Canadian Screen Award nominated program

Interviews and performances from Ottawa-area singer/songwriters in CBC Ottawa's Studio 14 with Kira Isabella, Kalle Mattson, Amanda Rheaume, and Maurice Moore.

Click here to view the episode.

(Reel Youth)
Ottawa Docs 2016

A compilation of short documentaries by emerging, local filmmakers, including stories about overcoming adversity, living with a disability, celebrating the ageless spirit and more!

You can view trailers for Seized and Recruited. The two films are produced by Carleton University Journalism students.

Click here to view the full "Ottawa Docs" episode.

The Hyphen Project

Growing up in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, filmmaker Gabriela Warrior Renaud uncovers the origins of her mixed heritage and wants to also discover and compare how other people with hyphenated backgrounds see themselves.

Click here to view the full program.

Human Library Stories

Gabriel Award winner and Yorkton Golden Sheaf Award nominated program 2016

A one-hour documentary about some of the human books who participated in Ottawa's Human Library, including a police officer's reason for joining the Force, a man living with Asperger's Syndrome, a Peking Opera singer, and  more.

Click here to watch the full documentary.

Cinema Shorts 2016

A compilation of short dramas and comedies from Ontario filmmakers touching on topics of love, intolerance, acceptance and more.

Short films include:  The Buckley Brothers, Silent Hearts, Before Me, On the Line and Antithesis. 

Click here to watch the online version.

OrKidstra: The Power of Music

​Discover ​OrKidstra, a local community music program for youth living in underserved areas of Ottawa with a mission to empower children through the universal language of music. Whether it's clarinet, french horn or violin, by playing in OrKidstra, these kids are discovering themselves through their passion for music.

Learn more about the kids in the OrKidstra music program. 1:32

Click here to watch the full documentary.