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Evan Dyer has been a journalist with CBC for 18 years, after an early career as a freelancer in Argentina. He works in the Parliamentary Bureau and can be reached at evan.dyer@cbc.ca.

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MP Michael Cooper disparaged 'goat herder cultures' in 2008 law class discussion, lawyers claim

Conservative MP Michael Cooper made comments deriding "goat herder cultures" during a discussion about Islam's compatibility with Canadian democracy when he was a law student at the University of Alberta a decade ago, according to two lawyers who have come forward to talk about the incident.

What does it mean to call Canada's treatment of Indigenous women a 'genocide'?

Historians have been debating the exact meaning of the word 'genocide' since it was coined in the shadow of the Holocaust. Now it's being applied to Canada.

Is Canadian government cash helping to back El Salvador's harsh abortion law?

Canada is funding a justice system in El Salvador that takes a remarkably illiberal approach to enforcing its very strict abortion law.

Ottawa braced for Russian retaliation after barring state media from Lima Group talks

Canadian officials decided on short notice to deny accreditation to all Russian and Venezuelan state media outlets planning to attend an international conference in Ottawa this winter — even though they knew the action likely would provoke retaliation against Canadian media.

New Zealand - the Five Eyes ally that came up short in Canada's Huawei dispute

New Zealand is the only member of the Five Eyes group not to publicly take Canada's side in its dispute with China. Why has it resisted Canada's outreach campaign to get democratic countries to isolate China?

Bias at the border? CBSA study finds travellers from some countries face more delays

The Canada Border Services Agency is conducting a series of tests to learn if its human agents, and its passport-reading machines, are prone to discriminating against certain kinds of travellers.

Canada expands Venezuela sanctions, adds 43 people close to Maduro

Canada announced new sanctions today against 43 individuals connected to the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland met with counterparts from the Lima Group of nations in Santiago, Chile.​​​​​​

As a government crackdown in Nicaragua got bloodier, Ottawa quietly cut off aid

Even as it waged a campaign against Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro, Canada's government was engaged in a much less visible effort to pressure another Latin government that has long been a darling of the left: the ruling Sandinistas of Nicaragua.

Blackouts, gas bombs and gunplay: How the Canadian embassy is holding on in Venezuela

The United States signed an accord yesterday that will allow for a U.S. interests section in the Swiss embassy in Caracas, the same arrangement it has had at the Swiss embassy in Tehran for the past 40 years.

Canada at odds with Cuban 'ally' over Maduro's fate

Cuba's deep involvement in Venezuela is causing new tensions in the historically close relationship between Canada and Cuba, with Nicolas Maduro increasingly leaning on the Cubans to keep him in power as Venezuelans turn against him.

A battle over aid in Venezuela - and a border zone primed to explode

Both sides in the confrontation between Venezuela’s socialist government, led by Nicolas Maduro, and the opposition led by Juan Guaido know that today — Saturday, Feb. 23 — could be the one that decides who rules Venezuela.

Innocents abroad: Why do so many Canadians still ignore travel warnings?

Edith Blais's disappearance happened when she ignored travel warnings telling Canadians to "avoid all travel" to Mali and a large part of Burkina Faso. Why do some Canadians continue to ignore such warnings, and what can the government do about it?

Canadian charity used donations to fund projects linked to Israeli military

The Jewish National Fund of Canada, one of the country's long-established charities, has faced an audit by Canada Revenue Agency over a complaint it used charitable donations to build infrastructure for the Israel Defence Force in violation of Canada's rules. JNF Canada says it has since stopped the practice.

Immigration Canada preparing to launch revamped family reunification system

Ottawa is moving to drop a controversial lottery system for family reunification applications — but one immigration lawyer calls it a stopgap solution at best.

G20 shows steady rise of Chinese clout and fraying U.S. ties in Latin America

While the U.S. framed its bilateral talks with Argentina at the G20 summit as producing a "shared commitment" against challenges like "predatory Chinese economic activity," the South American country is actually forging deeper ties with China.