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Evan Dyer has been a journalist with CBC for 18 years, after an early career as a freelancer in Argentina. He works in the Parliamentary Bureau and can be reached at evan.dyer@cbc.ca.

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Canada searching for links to notorious West Bank 'honour killing'

Canadian officials are scrambling to figure out why mainstream media and social media in the Middle East are claiming that Ihab Ghrayeb, accused of the "honour killing" of his sister Israa, is a Canadian citizen or resident who travelled from Canada to commit the murder and returned to Canada afterwards.

MMIWG final report quietly altered after CBC inquired about errors

The MMIWG national inquiry overstated in its final report the percentage of Canadian homicide victims who are Indigenous women and girls by misquoting a figure from Statistics Canada — and later quietly altered the report online after CBC News raised questions.

Even as Beijing shuns Canada's canola, Canadian wheat sales to China soar

It's been a grim year for canola farmers in Canada, who appear to be collateral victims of a diplomatic brawl between Beijing and Ottawa. Wheat growers, on the other hand, are enjoying soaring foreign sales. And they have the People's Republic of China to thank for them.

Canada to grant passport waiver to Venezuelans caught in border limbo

Immigration and Citizenship Canada has reached an agreement that will allow Venezuelans caught up in their country's administrative meltdown to remain in Canada even if their passports and other documents are no longer valid, CBC News has learned.

China can afford to wait out Canada in diplomatic dispute, Japanese ambassador warns

If China doesn't see a way to get what it wants from the current Canadian government, it would wait for the next one before resolving its diplomatic dispute, Japan's ambassador to Canada says.

For Canada, the G20 summit in Saudi Arabia could be far more tense than most

UN Special rapporteur Agnes Callamard says countries should not accept that the next G20 will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She wants Canada, as a vocal critic of Saudi Arabia, to lead opposition. But the government of Canada is not ready to miss the event over the Khashoggi murder.

Trump-Xi trade talks at the G20: A look at some of the claims and promises

Amid promises made at the close of the G20 summit that U.S.-China trade tensions can be healed, it remains to be seen whether there is a mismatch of expectations.

'The age of impulse': G20 leaders meet as world order is rocked by a clash between giants

The leaders of the world's 20 most powerful nations gather in Osaka at the end of the week to talk about putting the rules-based international order back on the rails. Really, though, the only players that matter are China and the U.S.

Trudeau prepares to talk trade, China with Trump today in Washington

The Trudeau government believes that it's in a relatively benign moment of its complicated relationship with the Trump administration, with both sides pulling in the same direction on NAFTA ratification.

MP Michael Cooper disparaged 'goat herder cultures' in 2008 law class discussion, lawyers claim

Conservative MP Michael Cooper made comments deriding "goat herder cultures" during a discussion about Islam's compatibility with Canadian democracy when he was a law student at the University of Alberta a decade ago, according to two lawyers who have come forward to talk about the incident.

What does it mean to call Canada's treatment of Indigenous women a 'genocide'?

Historians have been debating the exact meaning of the word 'genocide' since it was coined in the shadow of the Holocaust. Now it's being applied to Canada.

Is Canadian government cash helping to back El Salvador's harsh abortion law?

Canada is funding a justice system in El Salvador that takes a remarkably illiberal approach to enforcing its very strict abortion law.

Ottawa braced for Russian retaliation after barring state media from Lima Group talks

Canadian officials decided on short notice to deny accreditation to all Russian and Venezuelan state media outlets planning to attend an international conference in Ottawa this winter — even though they knew the action likely would provoke retaliation against Canadian media.

New Zealand - the Five Eyes ally that came up short in Canada's Huawei dispute

New Zealand is the only member of the Five Eyes group not to publicly take Canada's side in its dispute with China. Why has it resisted Canada's outreach campaign to get democratic countries to isolate China?

Bias at the border? CBSA study finds travellers from some countries face more delays

The Canada Border Services Agency is conducting a series of tests to learn if its human agents, and its passport-reading machines, are prone to discriminating against certain kinds of travellers.