Algonquin College students get 2 nap pods to catch up on sleep on campus

Sleep-deprived students at Algonquin College can now sneak in a few extra winks in one of two new napping 'pods' on campus.

'EnergyPods' give students a place to doze off between classes

Adolfo Cardona catches up on his sleep in one of two new 'energy pods' at Algonquin College. (Joanne Steventon/CBC News)

Sleep-deprived students at Algonquin College can now sneak in a few extra winks in one of two new napping pods on campus.

The students' association recently installed two pods in the silent study area on the second floor of the student commons.

Many students often have several hours between classes and the pods offer a private space to get a little extra shut-eye according to Annie Thomlinson, manager of marketing and communications for the Algonquin Students' Association.

These two 'energy pods' were recently installed at Algonquin College in the Student Commons. (Joanne Steventon/CBC News)

"One of the main concerns the students had is that they didn't have anywhere to nap on campus," she said.

"They were looking for somewhere where they could just close their eyes and rest… so they didn't have to go all the way home to have a nap."

The EnergyPod is built by MetroNaps, a company based in New York.

Snoring & studying

Nap-lovers can take advantage of the pods' built-in speakers and a timer that will gently wake you up after your desired nap time.

"It's comfortable," said student Adolfo Cardona after CBC News woke him up from his nap.

"When I have been studying a lot of hours and working at the same time, these are going to be good enough in order to recharge my battery, to keep studying," he said.

So far, the pods seem to be a big hit with students.

"A couple people were laughing because they were hearing people snore when they're up in here studying," said student Allison Querat.

"Everything that I've heard is that people love it."

The students' association recently brought in six new recliners in a different silent study area to give students another place to catch up on their sleep.

Thomlinson said the student group will wait to see "how popular" the pods are before it decides whether to purchase more.