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Eman Bare is a journalist at CBC News, with an interest in immigration, politics and data journalism. She holds a B.A. from the University of Regina School of Journalism.

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What self-identifying as black means for these young Torontonians

Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, origin or background — more than half of the Greater Toronto Area's black community identifies as black, according to the Black Experience Project, research that's been nearly seven years in the making.

'We heard n--gerfest': Students, parent accuse Durham teacher of using racial slur

The Durham District School Board is investigating allegations that a teacher at a Whitby, Ont., school referred to a group of black students as a "n--gerfest" during a school sporting event. But parents wonder why the accused teacher is still at the school.

Saskatchewan women make less than 75 cents to a man's dollar

Saskatoon is the fifth worst of Canada's 25 largest cities if you are a woman, according to a new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Regina is slightly better, coming in eighth worst spot.

Culture of drinking and driving in Saskatchewan starts young

Saskatchewan has some of the highest rates of drinking and driving in the country, and young people still make up the majority of intoxicated drivers.

6 Sask. cases under review by Innocence Canada as wrongful convictions under spotlight worldwide

Ron Dalton, co-president of Innocence Canada, was once found guilty of a crime that he did not commit. He now reviews cases of prisoners who are behind bars in Canada and might be innocent.

Elderly woman in Regina General Hospital given bath after family complains

Marianne Selinger says that her 94 year-old grandmother was bathed yesterday for the first time in two weeks at the Regina General Hospital.

Family of elderly woman in Regina hospital says she has not been bathed in 2 weeks

Marianne Selinger's 94 year-old grandmother has been in the Regina General Hospital for two weeks. Selinger says she has yet to receive any type of bath since she arrived there.

Orange Shirt Day in Regina has students reflecting on residential schools

Orange Shirt Day honours the memory of a little girl named Phyllis who wore an orange shirt to her first day at a residential school. The shirt was forcefully taken away from her and she never saw it again.

Riders blogger Rod Pedersen opens up about alcohol addiction

Football blogger and broadcaster Rod Pedersen speaks about living with alcoholism and the road to recovery. He will be sharing more of his story at the Regina Recovery Day Luncheon tomorrow at the Conexus Art Centre.

Regina family narrowly escapes suicide bomb attack in Turkey

Hasan Topal dropped his family off at the airport in Regina for a trip to Turkey. Hours later he was frantically searching social media to find out if they survived a bombing attack at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Saskatoon Blues: the NHL team that almost was

A filmmaker in Saskatchewan is producing a documentary about the time Saskatoon almost had an NHL team.

Mother-daughter relationship inspires Saskatchewan playwright

Thicker Than Water is a play written by a Saskatchewan woman about the relationship between mothers and daughters. It will be performed in Moose Jaw this weekend and at the Regina Globe Theatre all next week.

Regina business raising money for YWCA robbed of donation

A Regina business that had been raising money for the YWCA was allegedly robbed last night. The Room, a salon in the Cathedral neighbourhood, was broken into the day of the fundraising event.

From Saskatchewan to Silicon Valley, a Saskatoon woman talks about building her business

Katherine Regnier began her company, Coconut Calendar, in Saskatoon five years ago. She was three months pregnant at the time and left behind a stable job to do it. Now, she is one of four people who were selected to attend an elite mentorship program in the Silicon Valley.

How one Saskatchewan hip-hop group is creating big changes

Marvin Chan released a music video earlier this week with fellow band member Savan Muth. The two Regina artist go by the stage name Merv xx Gotti (Chan) and Jeah (Muth)