Signs of election popping up in Ottawa

There are 60 days before this fall's federal election, and that means lawn signs can go up across the city.

Election signs allowed on private property 60 days prior to vote

Federal campaign signs spotted around Ottawa on Thursday, Aug. 22, the first day the signs are allowed on private property. (@PierrePoilievre/Twitter/CBC)

It's that time already.

No, not back to school time — yet. Election time.

We're 60 days away from voting day for this year's federal election, set for Oct. 21.

And even though the writ hasn't yet dropped, Ottawa's bylaws allow residents to display campaign signs on private property 60 days prior to election day.

There's no special permit required to display campaign signs, but they must be placed in a spot that won't cause a hazard for motorists, cyclists or pedestrians.

Signs on public properties will only be permitted upon issuance of the writ, no more than 50 days before the election day.

All signs must be removed within 48 hours after the polls close.