Town-wide drinking water advisory in place for Arnprior

The town of Arnprior is advising all of its residents not to consume or even bathe in town-supplied water.

Loss of pressure in water distribution system to blame

During the 2017 budget approval for water, sewer and stormwater rates, Kitchener city council asked staff to look into potential strategies that would balance necessary replacement of aging water infrastructure with affordability. (Tim Graham)

The town of Arnprior is advising all of its residents not to consume or even bathe in town-supplied water.

The town issued a drinking water advisory Wednesday morning, citing a loss of pressure in the water distribution system throughout several areas of the town.

It applies to all residents who rely on the town's water for personal use, and all businesses that may provide drinking water to the public.

Residents are only asked to utilize water for flushing toilets, and the town is stressing that boiling or chlorinating the water isn't sufficient to make it safe for other uses.

"I'm a little shocked and I'm a little incoherent," said Lori Robillard. "I went to go brush my teeth. Everyday things you go to do it's like, don't do."

"It's the hottest day of in the year. God almighty. God bless us all," added Arvilla Berger.

Berger said she worries about her husband, who already has a heart condition, getting sick.

"It's hard," she said. "You can't wash your hands in it. You can't do anything for cooking. So, what are you going to do?"

The advisory notice says clean drinking water supplies are being set up at the Nick Smith Centre on James Street.

Residents have been told they will get four litres of water per person per day. 

The town is currently coordinating water sampling and quality testing. It says the advisory won't be lifted until at least 5 p.m. on Friday.