Dozens of birds dead after flying into City Hall

Staff at City Hall are plastering black hawk decals on a glass walkway to scare off migratory birds that have been flying into the windows.

Birds flying into City Hall

9 years ago
Duration 2:12
Dozens of the migratory bird have collided with a glass walkway at Ottawa city hall, most with fatal results.

It's feared dozens of migratory Bohemian Waxwings have died this week after flying into the elevated glass walkway at City Hall, and at least one survivor is recovering at Ottawa's Wild Bird Care Centre.

On Thursday, City Hall staff plastered the walkway with black hawk decals in an attempt to scare off the Bohemian Waxwings that are feasting on fermented berries hanging from nearby crab apple trees.

This glass walkway at City Hall proved fatal for most of the birds that collided with it this week. (CBC)

City councillor and bird enthusiast Diane Holmes said it's the second time in a decade the walkway has proven hazardous to avian health, noting that feeding on fermented fruit isn't helpful.

"So basically we have drunk birds flying into the windows," said Holmes. "So we have staff out buying black decals of hawks, which they're going to put up this afternoon."

The carnage was too much for passerby Leila Nasser, who said she saw as many as 20 of the distinctive birds slam into the glass walkway, stunning a few but proving fatal for most.

"Oh my god I almost cried. They broke my heart," Nasser said. "Because I love animals a lot. I can't see any bird like that."