'Bulk' of power system will be up and running Friday night, says Hydro Ottawa

Hydro Ottawa is sticking with its Friday deadline to restore power to a majority of customers across the region, and says certain hard-hit areas will hopefully see their power restored Thursday night.

Crews aim to re-energize some hard-hit communities today, says Hydro Ottawa CEO

Hydro Ottawa says a 'bulk' of major power arteries will be up and running by end of Friday, though some small pockets of customers may not get their power back until damage to equipment is fixed and debris is removed. (Jean Delisle/CBC)

Hydro Ottawa is sticking with its Friday deadline to restore power to a majority of customers across the region, and says certain hard-hit areas will hopefully see their power restored Thursday night.

"It is our sincere hope, weather permitting, that we'll have the bulk of our power system up and running by tomorrow night," said Hydro Ottawa CEO Bryce Conrad during a city update Thursday afternoon.

He said, though the "bulk" of major power arteries will be restored, there will be pockets of customers living on some roads and cul de sacs that may not see power until severe damages to equipment are fixed and debris removed, affecting their homes.

Conrad said depending on weather, hydro workers hope to re-energize all or parts of these communities by Thursday night:

  • Bel Air Heights (in the Iris area, north of Baseline, east of Woodroffe Avenue and southwest of Maitland Avenue, south of Highway 417).
  • Overbrook area.
  • Village of Richmond.
  • Alta Vista.
  • Colonnade Road area near Prince of Wales.
  • Merivale Road, south of Hunt Club and north of Slack roads.

"There will absolutely be other pockets and communities where re-energizes will be attempted," he said.

"Even where areas are re-energized, there will be residents that are not re-powered because of what I noted earlier — mainly because of the damage or trees .. or other debris."

Stittsville residents sharing generators and tossing food after four days without power

4 months ago
Duration 2:02
After days in the dark, Stittsville residents described a near-constant hum of generators and people pulling together to help each other clean up from Saturday’s storm.

Alain Gonthier, the city's general manager of public works, said while rain has started and will likely continue into the weekend, crews will "be out there." 

He noted 54 intersections still don't have operational traffic lights, down from the 75 quoted Wednesday.

He also said the 15 large organic waste bins placed across the city will be removed by Saturday. He noted crews have collected 33 tonnes of organic waste that have spoiled in the past week due to power outages.

90K customers still without power 

Officials from the city, Hydro Ottawa and Ottawa police provided an update Thursday afternoon on cleanup and power restoration about 106 hours after a devastating, fatal storm plowed through the region.

More than 90,000 customers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region are still without power Thursday nearly five days after the destructive, fatal derecho windstorm, including about 45,000 in Hydro Ottawa territory.

More than 350,000 customers in the region were initially left without power Saturday. CBC's count was about 150,000 Tuesday morning and 115,000 Wednesday morning.

Hydro Ottawa officials are still sticking with their Friday deadline to return power to most residents, though forecasted wind, rain and potential thunderstorms could slow that.

Other areas may take longer. The mayor of Clarence-Rockland, Ont., told CBC News Network Tuesday morning he wants residents in his city just east of Ottawa to prepare for a week without electricity.

Most local Hydro One customers have a Thursday or Friday estimated restoration time.

Some communities are opening up emergency centres for people who are facing days without power and need help.

Ottawa now has 20 such centres. All have been open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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