Demolition of 120-year-old burnt out Quebec church begins

Construction workers began the demolition process for the 120-year-old St. Paul's Catholic Church in Aylmer, despite some parishioners' hopes to salvage the original stone walls.
Workers began the demolition process at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Aylmer, Que., Wednesday as parishioners watched. (Ryan Gibson/CBC)

The demolition of a burnt-out west Quebec church began today despite a fight from local residents hoping to save parts of the 120-year-old stone building.

Workers were tearing down parts of St. Paul's Catholic Church Wednesday, including a large statue, after a fire gutted the building on June 11, 2009.

The parish had hoped to rebuild the church using the original stone walls but the cost would have been $4 million. The community could not raise that amount.

The demolition will make room for a brand new church.

The fire was believed to be arson and one man was arrested, but no one was ever charged.