Daniel Alfredsson is God, iPhone's Siri says

The Siri application on the Apple iPhone 5 is responding to requests for a photo of God with the photo of Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson.

Software experts have no technical explanation, call it a practical joke within Apple

The iPhone application, Siri, is telling users that Daniel Alfredsson is God. 1:56

Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson is God, according to the Apple iPhone's Siri application that responds to voice demands or questions.

Some owners of the newest version of the smartphone say when they ask Siri, "Show me a picture of God," Alfredsson's photo appears.

Most Sens fans would agree with the application. Alfredsson is the longest serving captain in the National Hockey League and he has played 17 years in Ottawa.

But some software experts said there could be a more technical answer, saying the reason for the software glitch has to do with how Siri works.

"It looks up either a canned answer to that question or it's a predominant answer on the internet, which again I find hard to believe," said Ted Burnett, a software developer in Ottawa.

Engineer Alex DeVries cited an 18-year-old article from Sports Illustrated that said God was watching over female golfer, Helen Alfredsson. DeVries said Siri combs the internet and finds matches between words, but he said one article is not enough to throw off the software.

"My money is on that it's a good prank that somebody has pulled within Apple. That would be my guess," he said.

NHL player isn't only God in Ottawa

The location of the question does not affect Siri's response, either. Owners who ask for a picture of God at the Air Canada Centre — home of the rival Toronto Maple Leafs — also received Alfredsson's photo.

The 40-year-old Senators right-winger has also played along with the joke, making a quip in regards to the current search for a new Pope.

"I guess I need to get to work and decide who the next Pope is," he told reporters.

Alfredsson will not be walking on water, but rather skating on ice at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., Wednesday night against the Penguins.